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What is the Bible For?

Mar 16, 2022 | Dr. Gloria Word

Have you ever opened the Bible and felt lost? Have you listened to someone teaching the Bible and wondered, “How do they know that?

As a Christian, do you know that the Bible is a love letter written to you?

At Good News Seminary & Bible College, it is my great pleasure to teach a class called Inductive Bible Study. This class answers these questions and so many more. The word Bible comes from the Greek word biblia meaning “books.” Sixty-six different books complete the Bible. This includes the books of the Law, historical books, delightful poetry, prophecy, biographies, and the epistles. A complete Bible contains the Old Testament, and the New Testament but most importantly, Jesus is the essential person in the Bible.

Many Christians fail to realize that the Bible is God’s language to them. Have you ever had a person begin speaking to you in another language and you could not understand or make a connection with them? Well, the Bible is God’s language to His people to teach us to communicate with Him and others. He desires to have a relationship with you! God invented relationships. They were ordered and ordained by Him. Development in a relationship takes faith and time. Your relationship with God will develop through prayer, the help of Holy Spirit, and humility.

In Inductive Bible Study the students learn the value of observation in the Bible. They also discover how to read imaginatively, meditatively, purposefully, acquisitively, and telescopically. When we really observe what we read in the Bible, we see how much God emphasized and repeated in the Old Testament and the New Testament His love for us. One of the major lessons is the value of interpretation. This involves understanding the original meaning of the words written in the Bible that the original author spoke to his audience and why he said them. At that point we are forced to move from meaning to significance.

Also, at Good News Seminary & Bible College, you will have the opportunity to examine the Words and Works of Jesus Christ. You will learn how to understand the authentication of Christ, His authority, and His power. This class teaches the students how to understand Christ’s precepts, rejection, and resurrection. All of this enables the students to use critical thinking in research and in daily living.

As a result, the distinct nature of the classes at Good News Seminary & Bible College are a call to live in excellence. Excellence is not defined by the world’s treasures of power, politics, prestige and positioning for the next promotion, but by the Word of God. Jesus Christ is our true example of excellence and Biblical excellence should be observed in our character, conduct, and our conversation.

Finally, in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 the apostle Paul contrasts our walk with Christ with athletes in a race and what it takes to be an athlete. The race is not given to the swift but to those who endure! Don’t sit on the bleachers, come on into the race and strive for the mastery of temperance at Good News Seminary & Bible College.  Come join me in class and see God revealed through the Bible!


In His Service,
Rev., Dr. Gloria Word
Professor / Inductive Bible Study
Advisor / Thesis & Doctoral Division