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Casual Christianity and Loss of Family Values by Dr. Gloria Word

Casual Christianity and Loss of Family Values by Dr. Gloria Word

Dr. Gloria Word and her husband, Rev. James Word (Son of Thunder) met and fell in love at Palma Ceia Baptist Church in Hayward, California in October 1986. Under the leadership of Rev. Charles F. Bennett, Senior Pastor, and Founder of Palma Ceia, Rev. Gloria was licensed to preach in 1992 and ordained in August 1996. Married for 36 years, they enjoy the love of their adult children, grandkids, 2 great-grandchildren, and their nieces and nephews. Her hobbies are swimming, reading, walking, and playing Dominoes with her incredible husband! She loves listening to several ministries, gospel, and jazz.

Professor Word is a newly published author. Her book, “Casual Christianity and the Loss of Family Values,” was published in March of 2020. Its birth took place during the season of the Covid 19 pandemic which was God’s perfect timing. This topic is her passion, and this book was developed from her stewardship of work at Good News Seminary and Bible College. Please purchase it at

Dr. Word and her husband, Rev. James Word, are the founders of God’s Word Christian Ministries, a 5013c nonprofit that provides outreach in the communities at large through preaching, teaching, evangelism, and love offerings. The ministry is devoted to throwing out the net of God’s love pulling in those who are lost, lonely, hopeless, oppressed, and feeling like they are less into God’s Kingdom of love, salvation, deliverance, comfort, peace, joy, victory, and success.


  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Encourager
  • Preacher
  • Teacher
  • Prayer Warrior
  • A heart for the lost souls and the hurting people


  • Good News Seminary and Bible College, Tracy, CA 4.0 Doctorate of Theology 2019
  • Good News Seminary and Bible College, Tracy, CA 3.9 Master of Theology 2017
  • Good News Seminary and Bible College, Tracy, CA 4.0 Bachelor of Theology 2013
  • Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Mills Valley, CA 3.9 Leadership Degree 1996
  • Class Valedictorian at Good News Seminary and Bible College in 2017 and 2019



⦁ Project Manager for the Thesis-Dissertation Division Good News Seminary and Bible College (2023).
⦁ Director Education Ministries – Christ Cathedral Church, Fort Worth, Texas (July 2022).
⦁ Professor Good News Seminary and Bible College 3 ½ years (2020).
⦁ Advisor of the Thesis and Dissertation Division – Good News Seminary and Bible College (2020).
⦁ One of two Interns at the Good News Seminary and Bible College (2017).
⦁ Pastor 13 years (2000 – 2013).
⦁ Assistant Pastor 3 years (1997-2000).
⦁ Prison ministry 26 years (1983 – 2009).
⦁ Convalescent ministry 12 years (1989 – 2001)
⦁ Spiritual health ministry for 21 years encouraging others through cancer (1996 – 2017)
⦁ Religious Chairperson for N.A.A.C.P. Youth Council, for the Tri-County (1996 – 2000)
⦁ Co-Founder God’s Word Christian Ministries – Ft. Worth, TX (1992 – Present).
(Originally God’s Word Worship Center – Hayward, & Tracy, CA)
Writing Accomplishments:
⦁ “Casual Christianity and the Loss of Family Values” was published in March of 2020 and is available on in E-Book and Paperback.
⦁ Co-created Good News Research Handbook (March 2020).
⦁ Co-created a Manual for Deaconess Training PCBC (2001).
⦁ Created forms and procedures for the upstart company ONSITE a division of Aerotek (1997-2001).

Up Periscope by Dr. Eddie Hare Jr.

Up Periscope by Dr. Eddie Hare Jr.

The purpose of this project is to share my story and encourage other ministry leaders in their work with the church. The calling to follow Jesus is easier said than done. Conflict isn’t pleasant, but it is necessary. Church ministry in today’s environment is like running a corporation. Conflict and crisis arise in every ministry. As in the corporate world, people are the greatest assets. Exploring how to deal with difficult, combative, complacent, and evil people is a true reality. From the pulpit, it is often said that God will not call you to do anything He has not equipped you for. Nevertheless, it is also prudent to develop your leadership skills to deal with numerous aspects of church ministry. God never promised us this life would be easy, but He is bigger than any storm we face in this world. And He’s always working for our good, even in the places where we can’t see, even in the circumstances that we don’t fully understand. It’s hard to put a storm, periscope, and the idea of building something together unless you are in a submarine on a covert or clandestine mission in which the periscope rises to check out the landscape. This is a strange analogy to try and put together; nevertheless, we need to up our periscope, build a solid foundation and know that the only thing that will last is that which is done for the kingdom of God.

Dr. Eddie Hare Jr. is one of three academic deans of Good News Seminary and Bible College. The Bible College is under the leadership of Dr. Lisa Cooper, Chancellor/President. He has had two pastorates, the last being Unity Community Christian Baptist Church, Stockton, California, where he pastored for seven years. Dr. Hare holds a doctorate of theology and an honorary doctorate of divinity from Good News Seminary and Bible College, Tracy, California. He also holds a master’s of divinity and a bachelor’s of arts in biblical counseling from Living Word Bible College, Pomona, California. He is certified in grief, crisis, and trauma counseling from the Talbot School of Theology. He is married to Sandra Y. Hare and they have four adult children and a wealth of grandchildren.


From The Desk of Dr. Larry Stamper thdjd PhD
Chancellor/Professor Zion Theological Seminary and Bible College
Pastor Heavenly Gate MBC, Stockton
John Maxwell Certified


Up Periscope

Dr. Eddie Hare


In an age that screams for tolerance, Dr. Eddie Hare dares to present in an irenic but palatable manner that the issue of ecclesiastical conflict is alive and is threatening to devour our churches.

With the skill of a surgeon attacking pathology, Dr. Hare confronts this matter and exposes and engages this hideous and pernicious evil as a dangerous movement that has crept into our sacred communities and is wreaking havoc.

Dr. Hare dares to reveal that within the church world that has the appearance of solidarity and unity are attitudes and behavior that challenge leadership and promote strife.

His book is a red alert to beware of ecclesiastical conflict less you become a statistic.

Dr. Larry Stamper thdjd PhD