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Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Level

  • Associate ………………………………..$1673.00
  • Bachelor’s……………………………….$1912.50

GNSBC does not participate in any financial aid or tuition assistance programs.

    Graduate Level

    • Master’s ……………………………………. $2390.00
    • Doctorate Level ………………………$2868.00
    • Ph.D under review ………………… $5000.00
    • Certificate Program ……………………. Varies

    Undergraduate Level

    • Associate – $1400.00
    • Bachelor – $1600.00

    GNSBC does not participate in any financial aid or tuition assistance programs.

      Graduate Level

      • Master – $2000.00
      • Doctorate Level – $2400.00
      • Ph.D under review – $5000.00
      • Certificate Program – Varies

      Application Fee:  (Application fees are nonrefundable.)

      • Undergraduate applicants $150.00
      • Master’s applicants $150.00
      • Doctorate applicants $200.00  

      Re-evaluation Fee:


      Students wishing to change their major or update their current application (by modifying their “Life Experience Resume” or submitting new transcripts from other institutions) will be assessed a non-refundable re-evaluation fee: $100.00 for Undergraduate applicants, $150.00 for Master’s applicants, and $200.00 for Doctorate applicants. Students who have been placed on Inactive Status may also be assessed this fee.


      Course Extension Fee:


      Each course must be completed within 90 days. Students may request a 21-day extension for a fee equal to one half a credit at current tuition rates. No more than two extensions will be granted per course. If, after both extensions, the course is still incomplete, the student will be withdrawn from the course and must re-enroll, paying the current cost for one credit hour.


      Course Re-enrollment Fee:


      Students who receive either an incomplete on or withdrawal from a course may re-enroll in the same course at a later date, but at the current cost of one credit hour.  

      Return Check Fee:


      GNSBC will charge a $25.00 fee for every returned tuition check due to insufficient funds. After two returned checks, the student may no longer pay by personal check — other options are cash, PayPal, debit/credit card, or money order/cashiers’ check.

      Late Payment Fee:


      A fee is assessed each month that a student’s account is in arrears. The fee is $10.00 after five days past the due date of the 15th of each month.

      Program Extension Fee:


      From the date of enrollment, students must complete their degree programs according to the following guidelines:

      • Associate – 1 year
      • Bachelor’s – 2 years
      • Master’s – 4 years
      • Doctorate – 6 years 
      • Ph.D – Under review

      If this requirement is not met within the allotted time, the student will be assessed a $300.00 program extension fee. The student will then have one year from the extension date to complete their degree. 

      Graduation Fees:  

      The following fees apply to qualifying students who have completed their degree programs and participate in the commencement exercises. 

      AA & BA Degree Program – $35.00

      This fee covers the cost of a cap, gown, and tassel that the student keeps as a memento. 

      Master’s Degree Program – $100.00

      This fee covers the cost of a high quality Master’s gown, a Master’s hood with the Seminary/College colors, cap and tassel.

      Doctorate Degree Program – $300.00

      This fee covers the cost of a high quality Doctor’s gown with deluxe high quality pile velvet, a Doctor’s hood with the university’s colors, doctoral tam, tassel.

      Financial Agreements

      All applicants must also sign and submit a “Promissory Note Financial Agreement.”  Tuition may be paid as follows:

      Undergraduate Students: AA

      $1400.00 divided by 10 monthly payments = $140.00 per month.

      Undergraduate Students: BA

      $1600.00 divided by 10 monthly payments = $160.00 per month.

      Graduate Students:
      Master’s Level

      $2000.00 divided by 10 monthly payments = $200.00 Monthly.

      Graduate Students: Doctorate Level

      $2400.00 divided by 10 monthly payments = $240.00 per month.


      An initial tuition payment must be paid at the signing of the financial agreement as follows:  

      • undergraduate students – $100.00
      • graduate level – $150.00
      • doctorate level-  $200

      All financial agreements are legally binding and after 90 days of enrollment will not be canceled regardless of the student’s academic status with the Seminary/College.

      Good News Seminary students will use Stripe Pay System, located in Quickschools to make tuition payments.

      Refund Policy

      Students must notify the Seminary/College in writing of their intention to withdraw. The withdraw date will be the date the notification is received by the Seminary/College. This date will be used in calculating the amount of prepaid tuition to be refunded. The following refund policy will apply:

      Application Fee

      The application fee is non-refundable (as indicated on Application for Admission forms). 

      Prepaid Tuition

      For students who opt to pay the tuition in full or quarterly, the refund of prepaid tuition will be as follows:

      • From 21-30 days from enrollment – 80% 
      • From 31-60 days from enrollment – 60% 
      • From 61-90 days from enrollment – 40% 
      • After 90 days from enrollment    –   0%

      Students expelled for disciplinary reasons will be refunded the prorated portion of the prepaid tuition within 60 days.

      Monthly Tuition

      No refund is applicable for students who opt to pay on a monthly basis.