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I Want to Learn How to Study the Bible

Aug 2, 2023 | Dr. Dennis Moore

Many people express a desire to learn how to study the Bible. There are many reasons people give for not following through on their desires. The most common complaint concerning unwillingness to follow thru in Bible study is the question of relevance. Many see the Bible as antiquated or obsolete. To overcome this one must study the Bible itself… studying and learning will inculcate the truths of the Bible, which upon examination are timeless. By studying we learn the principles of God’s Word. The principles do not change.

Another common roadblock to Bible study is the perceived lack of time. Like all our other demands in our life , time is a necessary component we cannot overlook. We must evaluate our priorities and allot time accordingly. However much time you allot stick with your regimen. Your diligence will be rewarded and you may soon find what was once a chore is now a cheer.

Then there is the fact that we just don’t know how. This can be true for those who have tries unsuccessfully. The problem is one of method and approach to study. Given the correct tools this obstacle can be overcome.

There are many reason (excuses?) that preclude becoming proficient in Bible study. The good news concerning this dilemma can be found at Good News—Good News Seminary and Bible College. In the fall of 2023 and the Spring of 2024 we will be offering classes the conquer your reluctance to develop good Bible study practices.

The course “Inductive Bible Study” will be offered in the fall semester 2023. This class will inspire you to look at the Word of God as never before and open you up to personal discovery. You will gain self-confidence in dealing with Scripture while deepening your relationship with God.

The companion class entitled “How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor,” will be available in the Spring of 2024. This class will enhance what you learned in the Fall class by providing a skeletal examination of the Bible that expresses the major divisions of study such as Law, History, Poetry ,etc.  Students develop an understanding of the Old Testament and the New Testament. This class will help you understand God’s plan for His Creation from Genesis to Revelation. Students develop a sense of the connectedness of all Scripture and see the connection between the various divisions.

So your opportunity to learn how to study the Bible is available at Good News Seminary and Bible College. Why ot begin your enrollment process today? You can do so at our website

Two things in closing:

  1. The ultimate aim of Bible study is to know God.
  2. The Bible was not written to be studied but to change lives.


In Service to our Savior,
Dr. Dennis L. Moore