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What can the Incredible Life of Moses Teach us about Modern Christianity?

Oct 26, 2022 | Dr. Joe Albert

At Good News Seminary & Bible College, you will learn how to be prepared to face your personal Red Sea, like Moses was. Join me in exploring the life and legacy of Moses, a man of selfless dedication. Moses might be the most well-known character from the Bible, other than Jesus. He played multiple roles throughout his life.

We will focus our attention on one man’s life and hopefully, as a result, our lives will never again be the same.  Moses was an ordinary man with an extraordinary story. His life demonstrates both the personal journey of a soul from death to eternal salvation and God’s epic plan to redeem all His creation. In many ways he foretells the coming of Jesus Christ.

Studying Moses’ who tried to decline his assignment from God to the Moses who received the Ten Commandments, is a journey into a new light, inspiring you to:

  • Find strength and confidence in God’s power
  • Embrace failure with grace
  • Become a servant leader in your own life

Nonetheless, Moses was still human. Despite the wondrous works he did by God’s power, he struggled with sin and his personal highs and lows mirror our own.

  • Moses was a Hebrew.
  • Moses was a special baby.
  • Moses was raised as royalty.
  • Moses was a lonely shepherd

 During this study this will give you an in-depth perspective of Moses’ faith and selfless dedication and when you continually chose to follow God’s will through difficult and seemingly impossible situations (and difficult people).

These are just a handful of practical lessons that we can learn from Moses’ life. Moses surrendered to God, will encourage you to trust that God can work through you, too – despite your insecurities!

However, if we look at Moses’ life considering the overall extensiveness of Scripture, we see larger theological truths that fit into the story of redemption.

In so many ways, Moses’ life is a precursor to the life of Christ. As such, we can catch a glimpse of how God was working His plan of redemption in the lives of faithful people throughout human history. This gives us hope that, just as God saved His people and gave them rest through the actions of Moses, so, too, will God save us and give us an eternal Sabbath rest in Christ, both now and in the life to come.

Finally, it is interesting to note that, even though Moses never set foot in the Promised Land during his lifetime, he was given an opportunity to enter the Promised Land after his death. On the mount of transfiguration, when Jesus gave His disciples a taste of His full glory, He was accompanied by two Old Testament figures, Moses and Elijah, who represented the Law and the Prophets. Moses is, this day, experiencing the true Sabbath rest in Christ that one day all Christians will share.

I trust you will consider joining me in class.

In His Service,
Dr. Joe Albert