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The Book of Revelation

Jan 5, 2022 | Dr. Eddie Hare

The Book of Revelation will never lose its fascination

Let me start off by saying, the Book of Revelation will never lose its fascination for the Christian. Oh, by the way, I am Dr. Eddie Hare, Jr., Dean of Academics at Good News Seminary and Bible College, Bakersfield Campus and Professor facilitating the class on the Book of Revelation for the spring semester.  I see this book as a superbly fitting conclusion to the sixty-six volume library of God’s Word, for it provides the exciting dimension of foretelling the events of the future-a future that seems to be coming upon us all too rapidly. For the students who would venture to take this class, be prepared to be enlightened. For your information only, there is no guarantee, of course, that we are the generation which our Lord predicted in Matthew 24, that would see all the end-time events foretold in detail in this book, but as we continue in the twenty-first century, closing almost two millennia of the church age, it is likely that interest in the prophecies in this book will become more intense.


The Revelation Record

We will be using the textbook “The Revelation Record’ written by Dr. Henry M. Morris. He is not just a scientist, scholar, Christian apologist, and prolific writer.  He is all that and more. To those who know him, he is a meticulously accurate student of the Scriptures. God has endowed him with mental genius. He has added to that thousands of hours of patient Bible study and the meticulous company of Scripture with Scripture which makes him unique. Add to that a genuine humility and deep love for Jesus who is revealed in this book, and you will see why the Holy Spirit has selected him to write such a commentary of this end-time book for such a time as this. If you are interested in taking this course of a lifetime, please contact Good News Seminary and Bible College for more details. I look forward to taking you on this journey of future events to come.

“God be the Glory”,
Dr. Eddie Hare, Jr.
Academic Dean