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Student Blog: Nia Jones

May 3, 2022 | Student Blog

My name is Nia Jones, a student in the Master’s Program at Good News Seminary and Bible College. I am a full-time student and also employed full-time. My education with GNSBC began in 2019. During my first year I relocated to another location for employment reasons, and began a commuting 2-3 hours a day, each way. Heart broken, I had to stop the journey of furthering my education at GNSBC. Moreover, the reason I continued to love this school was due to the professors who checked in on me and encouraged me to return when things settled down in my life.

In 2021, the world had changed, but my thirst for learning more about God had not. I reached out to one of my previous professors, and he assisted me in re. Woo-Hoo!

Coming from a large family and having a background in sports, I am used to camaraderie. I have to say that from my experience here at Good News Seminary and Bible college I have enjoyed the camaraderie among the other students and the staff.

In January of 2022, my one-hundred and six- year old grandmother became ill for the first time in my lifetime. Never seeing my grandmother sick, despite her age, was very difficult for me. During the entire time that my grandmother was sick, I received so much love from the students and staff at GNSBC. The professors took time out during classes to pray for my grandmother. A couple of the professors called to check on me outside of class. In addition, I had several classmates send text messages and emails giving me a lot of support. (If any of my classmates are reading this, THANK YOU!)

Furthermore, my prior college education has been in the traditional academic setting where most students and professors rarely know your name. If they do know your name, they really don’t know who you are as a person. But, Good News Seminary and Bible College is a small school filled with professors who want to get to know you and see that you succeed. The success and understanding of what is taught is so important at GNSBC, that our Greek professor holds Saturday classes for anyone needing additional help and with Greek. we all need it!  Lol!  Some professors conduct spiritual check-ins because we are learning so many different views of the Bible that they want us to stay encouraged in our faith in Jesus Christ. I have experienced such an openness and love from professors and classmates at GNSBC, which doesn’t happen in most academic settings, or at least not in my experience of higher education.

If someone were to ask me why I recommend Good News Seminary and Bible College, I would tell them, because you will be taught, “loved on”, and cared for.

Nia Jones!