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Student Blog: End of 2022 Spring Semester

May 17, 2022 | Student Blog

My name is Patrick M. Davis. I believe that I spent years doing the same thing that many others do once we’ve decided to attend Seminary. The most significant dilemma was, “Where do I go, and how do I get there?” I truly believe that God guided me to GNSBC. As a member of a local congregation, a man that I both admired and respected became a great friend and an encouragement to me. He was also a man of great humility. Although we had been friends for some time, I had no idea that he was a Seminary Professor. Doctor Joseph Albert, or as I call him, “Doc,” mentioned that he was teaching a class as we ate breakfast during one of our weekly fellowships. As I continued to inquire, he explained that he was a Professor and Dean at GNSBC Tracy California campus. Well, my prayers had been answered!

My first day of Seminary studies was like the first day of high school. I was a bit nervous and had no idea of what to expect. However, once I arrived at my new school, the first person who greeted me with open arms, a winning smile, and a fresh batch of homemade cookies was Doctor Lisa Cooper. I learned that she was the Vice President and the Administrator of the school, as well as the local cheerleader for every student.

As class began, I found a wealth of information coming from the well-informed and well-educated staff. The class size was small, which gave me ample opportunity to ask even uncomfortable questions and receive detailed answers and instructions. I began my bachelor’s program and completed it hungering for more. After graduating Salutatorian of our class, I started my master’s program and recently completed the program’s coursework.

My initial reasoning for attending Seminary was to gain greater knowledge for my benefit and my family. The information that I received through this school was so rich that I had no choice but to share it with as many people as possible, as the “Great Commission” instructs us to do. I never dreamed of becoming an adult Sunday School instructor in my local congregation when I started these programs. I never dreamed of becoming a part of the “Clergy Staff” within my congregation and being an Old Testament instructor in congregational Bible Studies. I never dreamed that I would have been asked to teach and speak within other congregations. I never saw it coming, but God had a different plan.

Because of the instruction I have received at GNSBC, these things that I never dreamed of have become a reality. If you are anything like me, unsure of where to plant yourself for solid theological instruction. Uncertain of where to start. I encourage you to try GNSBC. If not here, then please do it somewhere. If not now, then when? Now is the time. Today is the day. God has proven to me that He will make the way, just begin to walk, and allow Him to be a light unto your feet.


Patrick M. Davis