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Dec 22, 2021 | Dr. Joe Albert

As a Christian, do you know what Jesus meant when He said He would send you a helper?

Well, at Good News Seminary & Bible College, we teach a class called Pneumatology that answers the question and so much more. The term pneumatology comes from two Greek words, namely, pneuma meaning “wind,” “breathe,” or “spirit” (used of the Holy Spirit).

It is used in Christian systematic theology; “pneumatology” refers to the study of the biblical doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Generally, this includes such topics as the Personality of the Spirit, the Deity of the Spirit, Symbols of the Spirit, and the work of the Spirit throughout Scripture.

Studying this subject will give you an opportunity to analysis in the role and function of the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

So, I have more questions for you:

  • Is the Holy Spirit promised to all who obey the call of Jesus Christ?
  • Does the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit always give the Christian power to perform a good work?
  • Can a person teach more effectively with the help of the Holy Spirit?
  • Does the Bible have a good deal to say about the Holy Spirit?
  • Is the Holy Spirit the seal of our Salvation?
  • What does the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the Personality of the Holy Spirit?
  • What are the names of the Holy Spirit?


Also, as a Good News Seminary and Bible College student, you will have the opportunity to examine the New Testament teaching on the Spirit. You will be able to explain the nature and work of the Spirit of God to better understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the creation and redemption of the natural order in the life and guidance of the Church in the salvation and spiritual maturation of an individual believer.

As Christians, we desire a comprehensive knowledge of the person and work of the Holy Spirit and want to understand how the Spirit’s fullness can be received and retained, how the God Head works, and why you cannot deny each has their own roles by recognizing you can’t identify one without the other (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  We want to know the truth of the Holy Spirit transcends, and why it does not contradict reason. And know that you know Spiritual truths are not discoverable by human wisdom, but are revealed and taught by the Holy Spirit.

We want to be able to distinguish false spirits (The evil trinity: Satan, anti-Christ, false prophet). So there is definitely the need to study and search the Scriptures daily.

Dr. Tony Evans explains it this way:  Most of us in our homes have dimmer switches. Dimmer switches are designed to progressively turn up the lights. The Holy Spirit is your dimmer. What He does is turn up the light so that you can see things you wouldn’t see before. His illumination won’t necessarily come on with one flip of the switch. If you are open and listening, the dimer does work. Illumination sets in because, over time, the light gradually comes on as we study the Word.

I trust you will give consideration to joining me in class. You will have a profound understanding of what it means to be ‘spiritual’ and a member of a ‘spiritual body’ the Church.


In His Service,
Dr. Joe Albert, Professor